At JICC we are convinced that prevention, long term health
management and behavioral changes are at the heart of
the 21st century health concerns.

Based on the observation that a preventive and personalized approach
in terms of health is necessary, JICC offers smart objects that are linked
to coaching programs so that each person can evaluate
his/her habits in order to maintain their long term health goals.

A unique approach to quitting smoking


90% of smokers relapse within 12 months after they stopped smoking! Don’t be like them, increase your chances of success!


Your information takes care of you


Experience a new way of coaching with the 1st mobile App that allow your collected information to take care of you.

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A traditional product made smarter.


A connected health solution for health care professionals

JICC > contributes to the improvement of your patients care.

At JICC, we believe that the key to success with connected health objects is to place you at the center of the users’ journey

For that reason, JICC have developed and created solutions to help you get to know your patients, to understand their habits and to better take care of them.

At JICC, we encourage our users to be aware of their health, to take preventive measures in their daily life and to share their data with you.

About us

JICC is the 1st startup in the health connected industry that develops solutions using both connected objects and personalized interactive services.


Badir Gallaf

Co founder


Cédric Chataignoux

Co founder


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